Tuesday, January 3, 2012

IP 106: Ten Good Resources to learn about Intellectual Property

               Awareness pertaining to intellectual property is the need of the hour. With intellectual theft on the rise, it is necessary to possess some knowledge about intellectual property to effectively counteract it. The concept of intellectual property and related laws has to be understood very well.

               Here are ten resources that will give you a sound knowledge of Intellectual Property:


Wikipedia is an online cyclopedia that covers a spectrum of concepts. It is also a very good resource for learning about intellectual property. It gives comprehensive information about the concept. It gives a detail description of intellectual property covering the history and objectives. It explains the financial incentive, economic growth and morality aspect of the concept. It also gives the limitations of intellectual property and the criticism associated with it. The site also provides a lot of external links and references which help.


‘Wipo’ is another website that gives a lot of information on intellectual property. It explains each and every form of intellectual property and related rights. If you want to learn about intellectual property this site is worth a visit.

Stop Fakes
‘Stop fakes’ is a very good site to learn about intellectual property. The site helps you understand the what, why and hows of the concept. A site you must visit if you are looking to learn everything about intellectual property.

Intellectual Property Law Server

‘Intellectual Property Law Server’ is probably the oldest server existing on this issue. It serves an approximately a whopping 15 million pages a year. It provides information about intellectual property laws including copyright, patent and trademark. It is also a goldmine of intellectual property related links.

Digital Enterprise

 Another site that helps anyone looking to learn about intellectual property is ‘Digital Enterprise’. The present article gives a complete picture of intellectual property.


 ‘Geneva’ is another site that is the home to many intellectual property related articles. This article talks about almost everything there is to know about intellectual property. It is a detailed take on intellectual property and is extremely helpful.

Contacts for Authority Associated with Intellectual Property in the U.S.

The official site that gives information about authorities concerned with intellectual property. This site gives you contacts of every authority associated with intellectual property in the United States.

Articles on Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property and its other forms are explained immaculately in the following article. Read on to emerge a new person.    

It is necessary to learn everything from the basics. If you are looking to strengthen your basics in intellectual property you must visit this site. It provided basics to everything about intellectual property.

This article by Mark H Miller deals with all the forms of intellectual property. It provides an introduction to intellectual property and gives a detailed description on trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets. It also gives tips on choosing an attorney to protect intellectual property.

How did you find these references helpful for your tutoring business? Do you have additional resources to add to help fellow tutors?

Happy Tutoring!

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