Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why you need private tutoring insurance?

                 Extreme competition in any imaginable field has led many to believe that their ward needs extra coaching. Tutoring is just another form of coaching. Several parents opt for private tutors to give their kinds the edge needed over the others. Private tutors are a better option as they can give enough attention to the student as opposed to coaching classes.

                   With private tutors being preferred by many, the number of teachers working as private tutors is also on the rise. Private tutors are expected to go to the pupil’s home and provide coaching. They are expected to devote their entire attention to the pupil and focus on enhancing the student’s ability. It is also the tutor’s duty to help the student overcome any hurdles in the subject.

                     Tutors are usually hired by parents or agency to teach a certain subject. Most tutors charge per hour and the most students are found to do well under the guidance of a private tutor. The exclusive attention and increased interaction time with the tutor help the pupil. All these reasons have made private tutoring a lucrative idea for both the parents and teachers.

                       But we have only one side of the coin of private tutoring. The other face of private tutoring is rather dark in comparison- it is the problems associated with private tutoring. 

                       Not all students who receive private tuitions are very successful. There have been some failures. Some times it is not the tutor’s fault. But overly loving parents of these kids sue the private tutor for their kid’s failure. This is a very serious issue as it is not the tutor who is always at fault.

                       Several insurance agencies have come up with policies to protect private tutors from such drastic punishments. Awareness is now being created among private tutors to get them insured. Professional indemnity insurance is said to be best suited for private tutors.

                       One of the reasons that make parents sue private tutors is bad grade of the student. Sometimes despite your best efforts, the student fails to achieve a good grade. The parents are quick to blame the tutor for neglect and even demand a refund. They even blame you for lack of supervision. These insurance policies cover all these allegations. They even compensate for any accidental damage you cause to the student’s home.

                       Many insurance companies provide private tutoring insurance. Be it Stratum Insurance Agency, LLC or Allstate or State Farm Insurance, they all provide protection to private tutors. If you want to be a private tutor, consider getting an  insurance. If you expand your tutoring business, you will definitely need it.

At what point in your tutoring career,  did you get private tutoring insurance?

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