Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guest Blog Post: Four Rules to Adhere To While Tutoring

Four Rules to Adhere To While Tutoring
By John Surico,

As we mentioned before, the role of a tutor is a huge responsibility in terms of the learning process: the student looks up to one for academic guidance and encouragement. With that being said, there are a couple of guidelines to keep in mind when you’re one-on-one with your subject. They tend to be more on the “Don’t Do” side but, nonetheless, they will make your experience that much more productive:

      1.   Keep your Cell Phone in your Pocket – Why? Because no one wants to glance over at a tutor and see him or her busy texting friends about dinner plans. When you’re in the classroom, it’s just you two. Facebook, Twitter and whatever else is going on in that smart phone can wait until after the get-together.

      2.  Attire Should be Somewhere Between Professional and Casual – Here’s the fashion side of tutoring. A person’s wardrobe is important for impressions so try to maintain a line that doesn’t under or overwhelm. Completely casual can make a tutor come off as way too laid back and overly professional can do the opposite. Neither extreme are good for a comfortable session. Find the gray area.
      3. Bring the Proper Supplies – Pen, pencil, paper, laptop (for research purposes, strictly), calculator, paper, paper, and, oh yes, more paper. There will always be a lot of scrap.
4.  Stick to Kind Gestures – This was mentioned in the last post. Kind gestures encourage the student to remain determined and inspired, thus leading to a more efficient learning process. Try not to interrupt as well.

By adhering to these four rules, we can guarantee that your time with the student will be much more enjoyable. For tutoring lessons and instructors, check us out on HeyKiki. We hope to see you there soon.

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