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Guest Blog Post: The Importance of Tutoring Encouragement

The Importance of Tutoring Encouragement
By John Surico, HeyKiki.com

One of the most vital parts of tutoring is the relationship one has with his or her student. Teaching creates a special kind of kinship; the student trusts that you have the answers to his or her questions, no matter what they pertain to. Although this might seem overwhelming at times, it helps that the student knows you’re there for them when they don’t understand something. In this case, encouragement and compliments given when necessary are extremely important during lessons. Here’s why:


If your student doesn’t feel determined, they will feel threatened by the course material and give up much more easily. And that can’t happen – never let the student feel like they can’t answer something. This can be done with kind gestures or incentives to reach an answer; a clue or loophole should be condoned if they help the learning process. Make sure your student knows you’ll get them to the finish line no matter what.


A major part of a student’s understanding is how he or she feels about herself. A wrong answer will bring the student down so, when that happens, remind the student that practice makes perfect. No answer is ever wrong and they should know that. Encourage them to continue by stating that they’re doing fine. Your presence in that situation will help build that kinship mentioned before.


Regardless of the answers, a tutor is a role model as much as a teacher is. With that being said, performing the past two jobs is vital in making sure the student always looks up to you. It’s essential that you’re constantly boosting and never bringing them down. Keep their hopes high and they will execute.

These three steps are what make tutoring so much fun. Putting yourself in a role where the subject relies on your guidance is a self-fulfilling prophecy and will help your self-esteem as well, trust us. For tutoring lessons, buddies and instructors, check out what HeyKiki has to offer.

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