Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How Many Tutors Should I Hire? A lot or Just a Few?

When your business starts to pick up its pace and you may feel that things are getting too difficult to manage, it’s time you thought of hiring more tutors to help out. Sure, everything looks great and dandy when you create a team, but to what extent should you hire more tutors? Here are ten reasons to hire few tutors you, and not just loads of them.

1.     Compensation Reduction

Let’s keep it simple: when you have more tutors, you have more people to pay. Thus, your income is reduced because of the tendency of splitting your earnings according to the financial model you propose.

2.   Uncertainty of Workload

Tutoring is a case-to-case basis job where people may or may not request your services. Thus, if you have too much tutors under your belt, then the chances are you may the human power but not the work. Your tutors will simply get disappointed because you weren’t able to give them jobs.

3.   Increased Conflict

When you hire a lot of people, you are bound to face more conflicts than you would with lesser people. Avoid unnecessary work hiccups by keeping the work atmosphere condensed with a few people working with you.

4.   Failure to Establish Connection

Hiring a lot of tutors spreads your business too thin. You may not build effective relationships or connections because different tutors will deal with different people at times. When you’ve got everything together in a small bunch, strong relationships can be formed among clients to enhance business transactions.

5.    You Spend more time validating

When you hire a lot of people, you do a lot of background checks. This can be tedious at times, especially if you’ve got to make sure your tutors have the right credentials to back up what they do.

6.   Things get more difficult to manage

Managing 30 people is not easy. If you are hands-on in what you do, you will find it quite tedious to satisfy each tutor with their demands and of course keep everything in balance. When you work with a few, though, everything changes as you are able to help your tutors out in every aspect they need help in.

7.    It requires extensive consideration

Instead of easily meeting your client’s needs, you’ll have to focus on ensuring your tutors’ welfare is met with every aspect to consider. You may even spend more time to take management lessons and this can deviate from your original goal with so much to consider.

8.   Your Tutors will develop too narrowly

When you’ve got a lot of tutors under your wing, you’d naturally put them in specific subject areas. This can be a negative approach in the sense that your tutors would be specialized in those areas. Although, it’s a good thing to narrow down your tutor focus, but, sometimes, versatility has its advantages over a concentrated subject area.

9.   Expenses are exponentially increased

Salary demand not only increases after each financial period, but also the expenses that will incur. This can put you in a tight spot if you can’t handle the amount of tutors.

10.                      Focus on Relationships and not just Workforce

To top it all off, having few tutors will allow you to establish strong interpersonal relationships, thus enhancing the work flow and the overall work atmosphere that your tutoring company deserves.

From the highs and lows of tutoring, always keep in mind that although the more the merrier, keeping things sweet and simple through a few tutors can make your tutoring business more than what it is to what it could very well be. The bottom line is that you should always place a huge focus on quality rather than quantity, even when it comes to hiring tutors for your learning organization.

What are your suggestions for hiring tutors?


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