Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What is MentorMob and How it Can Be Used with Your Clients?

In the hustle and bustle of resources that are present for tutors to use for their clients, finding a way to integrate everything seamless has always been a challenge. This can take a long time to do if you simply search and bookmark the links to give to your students. Moreover, it comes out as tacky and lackadaisical of dynamics because who wants to click random strings of links? Don’t worry though, there’s this system known as MentorMob that combines your tutoring aid with your flair for creativity.

What Really is MentorMob?

Whenever you listen to music, you create a playlist so you can simply scroll through it when you want to. Moreover, your music is there right when you need it. This is the principle of MentorMob, but you switch music for study material! MentorMob allows you to create playlists of study material in a certain progression that may vary from article to pop quiz. This way, you’ve got the resources ready for your students to read and the quizzes in check for them to take. These learning playlists are very effective because they provide you with a system that is not boring and not a collection of randomized strings.

How You Can Make the Most out of MentorMob

MentorMob is a knowledge-as-you-go thing where your students can enhance their background on a certain topic as you continue your tutorial. Since it is internet-based, your clients can access the material very readily. MentorMob is a great supplement to the learning process wherein you can provide your students with access as they wish.

How to Use the Service

First of all, you select the sites you want to include in the playlist through the service interface. Then, simply following the guidelines and the four-step process at hand, you can order these sites as you see fit. Moreover, you can insert quizzes in between articles to enhance the learning process you wish your students to engage in. This becomes an effective development potential for your students.

MentorMob is a creative service that benefits your students because of the user-friendliness and the dynamic approach in the learning process involved. The service is very easy to use and it combines the prowess of technology with the development of tutoring.


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