Thursday, January 24, 2013

10 Ways to Communicate with Your Clients---What Works!

Your clients are your tutoring business's life blood. Without them, your business can't obviously function because they provide you with the income you need to really keep things in the loop. In order to maintain strong relationships with your clients, you must establish an open communication line. For you to do this, here are ten effective ways to really keep in touch with your clients to transform short-term clients to long-term ones and to stabilize clients who frequent your service.

1.       Person-to-Person Talks

The best way to communicate with your clients is to talk to them time to time about how they are progressing in a given tutorial. You can also make small-talk with parents for enhanced development and further relationship building.

2.       Text Messaging Follow Up

Text messaging is a very convenient communication focus that will allow your clients instant communication on-the-go. Text messaging is a great way to keep in touch with clients because of the personal touch and the ability to really get to know clients a lot easier.

3.       Emailing

For longer communication, email is a strong medium because it can be accessed when desired. Moreover, it will allow you to give in depth communication to your clients in order to spearhead effective interaction. Not to mention, it is a great way to document conversations regarding your learners to enhance customer service and most importantly, the learner’s tutoring experience.

4.       Social Media Networking

It’s the techno age and social media networking is indeed a strong point in establishing the communication pathway with your clients. Facebook, Google+, or whatever social media site you can contact your client with, the possibilities are endless. Tap into this avenue for effective communication as people are on these sites during their free time.

5.       Instant Messaging

Windows Live Messenger or Google Chat, you name it! Instant messaging allows you to effectively hold private chats with your client on academic matters or other consultations to communicate very effectively.

6.       Telephone Follow-ups

Giving your client a call here and there can be an effective means of checking what’s up. Phone conversations make great gestures of concern and they establish relationships more readily than text or instant messaging do.

7.       Skype Communication

If you want an alternative to phone conversation, try the free and online version of the telephone: Skype. Armed with your headset and webcam, you can hold conferences to really get down to what your client wants to talk about. This is helpful in holding remote consultation.

8.       Periodic Meetings

Set up a meeting with the client and parents to really check the client’s progress in your tutorial sessions. Periodic meetings provide very strong feedback systems that will pave the way for effective tutorial development.

9.       Content Management Systems

You can embed your tutoring system online so that students may interact with you when they wish for consultation. Content management systems provide a personal touch to the communication scheme with more freedom and user-friendliness.

10.   Forums

An important venue of debate and discussion is the use of forums. Students can voice out ideas or share concerns for tutors to check out and answer. This will provide you with the proper venue where you can attribute your knowledge and help students out, strengthening the communication line in the process.


These sure-fire ways of getting that communication in the throttle are your secrets to effective tutoring. Make sure you maximize your resources to unravel the optimal communication connection you and your client deserve.



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