Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Five Must-Have Teaching Resources to Tutor Biology

Probably one of your tutoring subjects would be Biology, and this is known as one of the most challenging subjects for students, especially High School Biology. If you’re going to tutor students in this specific field of science, make sure you have these five most important teaching resources in order to secure you an effective teaching approach.
Biology is about life and in order for you to effectively teach this subject, bring models of the topics you are to discuss with you. This provides an effective retention approach that instills interactive learning. Moreover, students will learn a whole lot more by seeing and feeling the model instead of glancing at the page with a drawing.
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Another approach to consider is how Biology is important in daily life. Bring recent news related to the topic to instill interest for your student. This introduces the reality of Biology, which makes the subject more than just something complicated or boring.
For those topics that are best illustrated through a video presentation, prepare a video or two to show to your student. He or she will get the lesson quickly this way because of the visual presentation at hand. This is useful for illustrating cell cycles or animal topics that require audio visual help in teaching.
For comparison of data, charts are effective as they contain all of the necessary information needed for Biology. The flow charts and organizational charts are great examples of illustrating Biology concepts such as food chains, food webs, and food pyramids. You should prepare some of these in order to supplement your lesson.
For updated information, you can check out websites containing Biology notes and other facts to help your student learn a lot more about Biology in between sessions. He or she can check out Biology Online or Biology Reference as supplemental sites for your teaching.

Biology can be tough to teach, especially with its wide scope. With these five teaching resources, your students can grasp the subject a whole lot better, providing you with smooth teaching and better student performance.

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