Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hiring Tutors 102: Interview Questions to Ask Prospective Tutors

If you want to hire the best tutor around, you better make sure he or she is qualified. Before hiring one, you should consider these interview questions that will guide you to choose the best tutor. These questions shall focus on allowing you to filter competent tutors from others.
“What subjects do you know?”
This question illustrates the basic need for you to know what the tutor can handle. This will also help you decide what subject areas you need help in.
“Do you have qualifications for those subjects?”
This is also important because you must know if your tutor really knows his or her material. Look for a degree or certification, or simply ask your tutor to explain a certain concept.
“How often are you available to tutor?”
Of course, you must agree on a schedule when you engage in a tutoring service. This will help you gauge your tutor’s availability and if he or she can meet your schedule needs.
“How do you tutor?”
Basically, this gives you an insight on the tutoring plan your tutor has. This also indicates how prepared and serious your tutor is in giving you his or her services.
“What are your rates?”
Any client must know how much a tutor would go for. This is one factor that everyone is concerned with. Including this as an interview question shall allow you to filter the right tutor that fits your budget.

Once you interview your tutor, you will know more about his or her skills and competencies that fit your desire. Make sure you find the tutor that suits your every need should you wish to have smooth tutorials given out to you or your child. This will make your tutor a worthy investment and beneficial in the development of knowledge at hand.

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