Monday, February 28, 2011

How Often Should I Report to Parents About Their Child?

Not all tutoring sessions go smoothly as you want to, especially if the child you’re tutoring tends not to participate and cooperate with your lectures. Not only is this very disruptive to your well prepared tutorial session, but also it can result in complaints from parents of their child not performing well despite the tutorial sessions. Also, on a lighter note, you may want to update parents on the performance their child has in the tutorial sessions so that you can secure the tutoring session as well as provide parents with their child’s secure educational capacity.
Knowing when to report your child to his or her parents is important, especially if it will affect the tutorial session frequency and your child’s performance. If you have trouble knowing how often you should report to parents on their child, here are some guidelines you can consider.
Report when it’s necessary
If the child you’re tutoring is performing really well or slacking off too much, report it to the parents so that they can help reward or discipline the child. If you don’t report such action, especially if the child is too lazy, it might affect the tutoring session because of poor performance at school.
Report to instill good relations with parents
If you keep on tutoring without reporting on how the child is doing, parents may seem uncertain on the service you provide and this can lead to many misunderstandings. You should report weekly performance to build healthy relations with parents. This provides that their child’s education is well developed and well supplemented.
When you report to parents about their child in your tutorial sessions, you instill awareness and develop a better connection with them. This will help them gain wide insight on their child’s performance so that things will go smoothly throughout future tutorial sessions.
The bottom line is that parents want to know about their child’s performance and if they are paying you to tutor their child, then it is your duty to provide a frequent update within 72 hours of the tutoring session. In your tutoring guidelines, there should be a statement that informs parents or adult clients about when tutoring session notes or monitoring notes will be emailed to them.

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