Tuesday, March 1, 2011

5 Question Creator Software that Are Worth Buying

In tutoring, you may decide to create questions for the person you’re tutoring to answer. This is especially useful if you want to assess their performance or give them added material to enhance their skills in the specific field you’re tutoring them in. Handcrafting them may be time consuming, that’s why here are 5 question creator software programs you can check out to provide your student the assessment he or she deserves.
ProProfs Quiz Maker - This program offers you the convenience of formulating quizzes for your student. With online availability, you can provide your student the convenience of answering your quizzes online.
Quiz Script Creator - This web-based quiz generator allows you to create quizzes that can be opened in web browsers. This is ideal for uploading your quizzes to your resource site or perhaps sending them to your students through email.
iSpring Quiz Maker - This offers you the convenience of creating quizzes through Flash technology. Not only can you create informative tests, but you can do so with adding interactivity to your creation.
Multiple Choice Quiz Maker - This software allows you to create your tests in a convenient interface for your student. It even has a viewing function where you can view how your test looks in HTML, if you ever want to post your test online.
Easy Quiz - With wide variety of questions you can create, Easy Quiz makes your test creation amenities a breeze! You can create matching type, identification type, and multiple choice type questions in text, graphic, video, or voice form.
With these question creator software programs for your student, you can take it easy creating material needed for further enrichment, and at the same time provide him or her supplementary information he or she needs to improve. Question creator software shall ease the test creation process, providing you and your student immediate convenience.

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