Monday, March 7, 2011

How to Design Your Own Math Workbook

Tutoring math isn’t complete if you don’t have a practice set of exercises to help your student out. You can download or buy one from online stores or your local stores, but having your own designed math workbook can help you gain more leverage as a tutor, with enough resources to help your students. Here are important points you should consider in order to learn how to design your own math workbook.

Determine the specific level your math workbook is for
It is practical to write many math workbooks for different levels than a single general one, because of the depth and information you can receive. Determine what level you’re designing your math workbook for, so that you can direct your efforts to that. This is easy if you are specific on a grade level you’re tutoring, so make sure you contain material suitable for that level.

Design a math workbook in increasing difficulty
In line with the tutoring sessions, if your math workbook is in increasing difficulty, you can monitor the child’s progress, which can effectively shape tutoring sessions later on. You know what to address and how to overcome problems that way, enhancing the student’s capability to learn.

Include dynamic problem sets
Although the traditional format of multiple equations and problems to solve might help in the practical sense, be dynamic in designing your math workbook. Include visuals and other presentations in order for math to be both challenging and fun for your directed audience.

Math workbooks are necessary supplements in handling tutorial sessions. It is important to establish an effective workbook that you should design. Make sure that you specify your audience in designing the workbook, design it with increasing difficulty, and include dynamic problem sets to allow students to grasp math conveniently, even if they dislike it. With this, you can be an effective tutor providing the resources needed for your students’ enrichment.

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