Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Math Resources to Keep on Hand When Tutoring

Math can be quite difficult to teach, especially regarding the analytical process and mental manipulation that people tend to go through with each problem they encounter. If you are tutoring Math, make sure you have the following resources that can ensure a smooth math tutorial, especially as they help maintain smooth function of the tutorial session.

Bringing calculators is a staple in Math subjects as you can use them to countercheck answers and to simplify long processes that are preliminary to a given topic but are not required to go over once the student understands the topic at hand.

You can bring different charts to represent the topic you are discussing. For example, you can have a table of formulas of areas and volumes of planes and solids for a Geometry tutorial or perhaps a table of integrals for a Calculus one. Use charts as visual aids to guide people.

Problem Sets
Math is all about practice, so make sure you have enough problem sets for your student to try out. This is one practical way for him or her to learn Math.

Math can’t be read out loud or perhaps just simply shown on a PowerPoint presentation. It must be applied manually through the solving process, and that is what a board is for. Bringing a whiteboard and showing how the equation is solved can allow your student to grasp the material easily.

Teaching Math can be quite tough without the right materials. With these Math resources to consider, you can perform your tutoring session smoothly as you are allowed to optimize the resources you bring for that session.

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