Monday, March 21, 2011

Becoming an Effective Tutor – 3 Things You Need to Know

Tutoring can help children with their schoolwork, and if you know how to tutor effectively, you will notice a boost in confidence and increased performance for the child at school. This not only gives you the fulfillment of being a great help to the child’s development, but also it gives you the opportunity of tutoring in the future. If you want to be an effective tutor, then here’s what you need to know.

Be Consistent
Tutoring isn’t something you do in one session. It is a consistent development that helps children gain knowledge. Setting a weekly schedule not only allows you to organize your tutoring sessions, but it also provides the child with opportunity to prepare for the session. Make sure to plan ahead of time the material to discuss so things don’t become hectic and disorganized.

Be Simple
Explain things to the child in a simple way so that he or she can absorb the material easily. Don’t complicate things while discussing the subject matter so that the tutorial session will be light for the child, effective, and at the same time, something he or she anticipates instead of avoids.

Be Dynamic
Don’t just stick to the books when tutoring! Playing educational games can effectively help children retain information better. Dynamic tutoring is important in setting up the mood and it helps in the improvement of the learning process and the retention curve of children.

These three factors determine an effective tutor. If you feel that you lack one of these, then you should work on them to be able to make the tutoring experience something fun yet educational.

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