Tuesday, February 14, 2012

10 Language Software to Have for Your Clients

Learning new languages is one of the most common subjects on which tutoring services are provided. As tutoring online is becoming more and more popular due to various benefits it has to offer such as distant learning, flexible times, customized pace of the course etc., more and more learners are moving on to the online or offline learning programs. In such an adjustment, a number of software are being used by the learners.
Software are effective and tend to be quite structured. The great skills of the programmers and designers even manage to keep the fun and surprise element intact. These factors are adding to the huge popularity of software for learning languages.

Here's ten language software that will help you help your client of your tutoring business.

1.      Rosetta Stone: This is a great software that is offered for learning a host of languages. This software has a combination of images, texts and sounds wherein the levels of difficulty increases as you gradually move up the ladder of learning a particular language.

2.     Tell Me More: This is one of the best software that are available for language learning. This can help you learn Italian, Chinese, German, Spanish and French etc.

3.     Transparent.com: This is a cost effective software as opposed to other software offered by other vendors but this is very effective and definitely a recommend.

4.     Fleunz: This is not all that old and established software in the market, however it does offer a new innovative manner in which the lessons are delivered.

5.     Jetset software: Jetset is the software that gives you video lessons for greater effectiveness.

6.     Natively Academy: This is interactive software that claims to teach you the second language in no time.

7.     RightWriter: This is a great piece of software that seeks to improve the writing skills of the learner. You would get to learn a lot of mistakes that you make in day to day life.

8.    Babylon software: This is a great choice if you are looking for a really good translation tool.

9.     Systran software: this software makes it easy for one to translate English text into other languages.

10.White Smoke: This is a grammar check and writing software that would definitely make your life much easier.

    All the pieces of software have been handpicked by us in order to save you from the hassle of going through the available choices.

    What is your favorite language software that you use with your clients?

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