Thursday, February 16, 2012

Intellectual Property 107: 10 Ways to know that you will need an Intellectual Lawyer

Intellectual property encompasses ideas, designs, trademarks and inventions. Intellectual property is the result of extensive research and elaborate thought process. The concept of treating intellect as property came into vogue after intellectual theft increased. Irrespective of the reasons fuelling intellectual theft it is necessary to curb this evil.

 The government stepped in to prevent intellectual theft and gave us the copyright weapon. But for individuals who are new to intellectual property, this can be a daunting task. Don’t be intimidated because it is very easy to protect your rights as a wordsmith.

 Let’s face it---you cannot learn everything there is to know about intellectual property, along with running your tutoring business. The only way out is to use the help of a professional—an Intellectual Lawyer---who will guide you at every point and protect your intellectual property.

Below are ten reasons that will tell you that it’s time to hire an intellectual lawyer. They are the following:

1.     If you run a small business and have developed a new design to cut cost, it is time to hire that lawyer to protect your design.

2.     If your employee used a secret ingredient and made an exquisite product and left your company in the next week and also took the secret ingredient with him, it is definitely a loss to you. Go hire the lawyer to redraft your hiring policies.

3.     If your competition is using the same technique that you devised for your business, it’s time to call the lawyer.

4.     If you find another company using your trademark to their advantage, go find yourself an intellectual lawyer.

5.     If another publisher is using the article written by your team of writers, you need an intellectual lawyer.

6.     If another company is trying to mar your reputation in the field by using your trademark on low quality goods, you definitely need a lawyer.
7.     If anyone who heard your idea and are already using it to gain dividends without including you, you must get a lawyer to prevent it from happening again.

8.     If someone is using a pirated version of your work, go get yourself a lawyer.

9.     The commercial value of your product is determined by the exclusivity of your product. Intellectual lawyer can help maintain the uniqueness of your product.

10. If you want to protect your intellectual property, you must get an intellectual lawyer.

What is your experience with using an intellectual lawyer? Please share with us.

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