Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why You SHOULD NOT Waitlist Your Clients?

Having a lot of clients can be difficult to manage because of the attention you must give to each and everyone. It may be tough for you to handle your tutoring business at times, especially before exams, but you should avoid one important thing in the process. Never waitlist your clients. Waitlisting them increases their worry because obviously they're looking for immediate attention, especially parents with children who are nearly failing in a certain subject.

Here are important reasons why you should never ever waitlist clients.

It Makes You Seem Unprofessional

The trade of the tutor is that he or she immediately provides attention to students in need. Although, yes, you may have a schedule that the clients must respect, waitlisting means that you are not available for them for a given span of time. Waitlisting entails that they you aren't present at an immediate schedule timeframe which may be difficult for clients, especially those who are anxious to lift up their academic performance.

It slows Down Academic Improvement

Waitlisting clients may result in lower academic performance because their readiness decreases as they are waitlisted further and further in. They have to unnecessarily wait until you are available to tutor them and this isn't how things are supposed to work. Their academic development comes to a halt, especially if they need immediete attention. Through this, clients may face bigger burden, especially as the pressure looms in for the final exams that they have to wait for you to tutor them.

It May Let You Lose Clients

As much as it hurts, wait listing clients can prompt them to find immediate attention. You lose business in the process and this won't look too nice on your performance if word gets out you do not attend to client needs immediately. Be wary of the consequences that may arise, especially in terms of your business.

You do not want your business to wane because of having a tight schedule. It may be tough to hear but you must learn to balance your time no matter what. Instead of wait listing your clients, why don’t you try hiring some extra help? A tutor’s job is to help students gain the knowledge that they deserve to know at a quality they also deserve to have. Do not waste the opportunity for the thirst of knowledge because you know much it matters to them.

Keep your business secure by attending to their needs immediately so you can set up a schedule without much hassle. The bottom line is: never waitlist clients if you don’t want to lose valuable business. After all, they are the lifeblood of your tutoring business, so you should embrace the opportunity as a challenge and not a burden.

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