Wednesday, May 9, 2012

10 Strategies to Use an iPad for Math Tutoring

iPad is as revolutionary as the other products of Apple have been. There are a number of reasons why iPad can be a perfect companion for those who want to get tutoring in any subject. Math being one of the most common subject for which a huge number of people take tutoring, we are covering some apps that can help you a great deal in your math tutoring.

The apps mentioned below would be a great help when working with elementary math learners:

1.      Math Board: The basic tasks of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, cubes, square root etc. can be carried out easily with this app.

2.    Math Ninja: This is a game app that makes you use your math skills to win the game. It can be played by all age groups as such from 9 to 99.

3.    Ace Kids Math Games: If you are looking for the basic app that can let your child learn the very basics of math in a fun way, Ace Kids Math Games is for you.

The apps mentioned below would be a great help when working with middle school math learners:

1.      Mastering Mathematics Grade 6: This is a great app for grade 6 students. This app gives you an interesting way to look at mathematics in life.

2.    Mastering Mathematics Grade 7: This is a similar app to Mastering Mathematics Grade 6. But it is, as the name suggests, for Mastering Mathematics Grade 7.

3.    Quick Graph: This app is a great app for those iPad users who want to master their skills at graphs.

The apps mentioned below would be a great help when working with both high school and college level math learners:

1.      Math Formulas - Reference Guide: This app gives you all the important formulas that you would require during your high school studies.

2.    PocketCAS pro: This cool app helps you do the advanced high school level math on your device.

3.    Geometry Designer: This is a high end app for high school students who want to improve their geometry skills. It lets you draw a familiar geometrical figure from your lessons.

4. Geometry High School & College Math Practice Problems: This app gives you access to some really helpful math practice problems, which can help you in improving your math skills.

5. Algebra High School & College Math Practice Problems: This app seeks to give you a better understanding of Algebra.

What are some iPad apps that you have found helpful when working with students in your tutoring practice? Please share with us.

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