Thursday, May 31, 2012

Intellectual Property 104: 9 Reasons Why I Can't Use Copyrighted Materials for Tutoring

Tutoring has grown into one of the most important service industry. Traditional school coaching is no longer sufficient to survive the cut throat competition of the world. An edge is essential to fare better and most students resort to tutors to help them gain the edge. This has lead to the mushrooming of tutors-both online and offline.

              Now a student has the luxury to choose from a spectrum of tutors. The presence of a large number of tutors has brought in the competition among the tutors. All tutors look for resources that will make them a better tutor. One common domain where everyone looks is the World Wide Web. But one just cannot use videos or articles in these sites. One has to be aware of the source and any copyright associated with its usage.

              Use of copyrighted materials in tutoring is completely discouraged as the law does not spare even if you were unaware of the consequences. Thus, it is necessary to know the punishments associated with the usage of copyrighted materials in tutoring.

Here are nine reasons that tell you why you should avoid the usage of copyrighted materials in tutoring:

1.      The main reason-illegal usage of copyrighted materials is punishable by a fine or imprisonment and sometimes even both.

2.    You cannot plead innocence.

3.    Many people will have to bear the brunt of copyright infringement. The tutor, the board of the tutoring agency and even the technician can be punished after gauging their level of involvement.

4.    It is also illegal to make a copy of the video you purchased in the store. But you can play a video that you rented from the store if it has Public Performance Rights (PPR).

5.     Use of copyrighted materials by students can also land the tutor in trouble. Thus you must teach your students to be careful when choosing content in the web.

6.    It is very easy to exploit ‘fair use’ and this will land you in trouble.

7.     Use of copyrighted materials in tutoring can sometimes be considered as ‘profitable usage’ and it is illegal.

8.    You can also not transfer copyrighted video to another country where you have a student as it is illegal.

9.    Prosecution due to copyright infringement could mar your reputation as a tutor.

Due to all these reasons it is logical to avoid the use of copyrighted materials in tutoring. You have spent so much time building your tutoring practice so it’s in your best interest to check out what is allowed and not allowed when using copyright material.

Also, if you have created your own content, you need to protect yourself and your tutoring business and file a copyright claim. It takes about 10-15 minutes.

For more information on U.S. Copyright Laws, please visit the following website:

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