Thursday, May 30, 2013

10 Tutoring Apps for Reading

In tutoring, assigning reading material is a great way for students to expand their learning when they have free time. In that way, you strengthen the various perspectives of students and enhance their memory retention, vocabulary, and stock knowledge in the process. In this digital age, reading has taken another new wave of mediums that students are very much comfortable with. For instance, your student may have an iPad and he or she can download some of these ten recommended reading apps for his or her perusal. Of course, as a tutor, you should integrate with the latest trends, and this is one great venue to do so.

Zite - Your student can catch up with the latest news updates through his or her iPad. This is very useful for building stock knowledge and even letting your students search through the various reading options available by this app.

Flipboard - For that sleek, magazine-style reading sensation, your students can enjoy this app, for free. You can select various websites to gather news and then check the updates during your free time. This will help your students learn about the latest trends in whatever topic they wish.

Google Currents - Similar to your Google Reader, this reading app allows you to save content for reading offline. You can also embrace the easy-to-use interface for your reading convenience. It comes free so try it out.

iBooks  - You can easily download PDFs and other books from the store, especially text book material. This will definitely help your students out whenever they want to check against a reference without the bulk of carrying the book around all the time.

Science 360  - For students to build up their scientific knowledge, you can introduce this to them. This app continues vivid images of various scientific concepts to give your students a better understanding of the material.

Press Reader - Your automatic connection to the major newspapers, this app will give you the insights on what really matters. Let your students increase their awareness by immersing them into journalism.

Amazon Kindle - The Amazon store has a wide collection of books for your students to enjoy. Downloading this app opens them up to the various classical pieces and contemporary works of great authors.

PocketPhonics - For effective reading based on pronunciation, you can help students who have a hard time through this app. Various recorded sounds are available for your students to learn how they ought to be pronounced. There is a lite version available.

Reading for Kids - This app gives your student that push toward reading material that he or she wouldn't. There are creative ways that you can teach your student to read, and here are a 100 ways to do that.

Zinio - Zinio is your go-to app when you want that sleek, magazine style for your documents. Play around with this fun design available to ensure a dynamic appeal to your reading experience.
These apps are definitely tailored to providing your students with the right reading experience that they deserve. So recommend these and you will notice positive results.

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