Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Nuts and Bolts of Crafting a Welcome Letter to Clients

When a client avails of your service, you should give them a welcoming letter so that they can understand how you work. After all, your clients deserve to know your "classroom" rules and how to handle different aspects of your tutoring services. This can be done effectively if you know how to write an effective welcome letter. Always consider that your clients want to know more about your work process, so if you're wondering how to write that welcome letter, here are important points you should always consider in writing it.

Explain Your Tutoring Service

First things first, explain how your tutoring service works. Include the mission or objectives so that your client will know where you're coming from. Also, this gives your client a clear idea on how you handle your business. Having your client aware of the different parts of your business is important to ensure that the both of you maintain a strong working relationship. He or she would know what to expect from you and as a result, the both of you can work together with little misunderstanding.

Focus on the Specific Subject Matter

Elaborate on the subject matter your client has signed up for. Attach a syllabus or something so that your client knows what to expect during the tutorial service. Overall, provide him or her with a projection of how you're going to handle the topic so that your client can definitely know what to expect from your tutorial service.

It is important to explain the different aspects of the topic for your client so that your client can learn as you explain, with a background of the information in mind. Through this, you will find out that your client is more prepared, enhancing the tutorial interaction at hand.

Provide Agreement Notices

Where do you plan to have the tutorial? What is the specific schedule? These things will remind your client about your appointments. Moreover, it gives them a clear idea that you are serious in having them as clients for your tutoring service. This will establish the business relationship even more effectively, enhancing how the both of you deal with each other.

Agreement notices are effective reminders of commitment and development. This gives both the tutor and the tutoring client a sort of contractual agreement that they will uphold the given conditions drawn by contracts.

Request Suggestions

As a gesture of openness and as a testimony of your willingness to adapt to clients, it is important that you solicit suggestions so that your working relationship can improve over time. As a tutor, you will expect that clients may not accept how you handle things, so be open to whatever changes they want. The bottom line is to maintain a strong line of communication so that things work out the best way possible.

The welcome letter is your first impression toward a strong business relationship. Make it work and make sure it is written properly so that you effectively start out right and progress as smoothly as possible.

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