Tuesday, May 21, 2013

When to Let Go of a Tutoring Company

Letting go of a tutoring company is never easy. You've developed relationships and even committed yourself to various students, but you should learn when to end things and move on. After all, tutoring is a career that is always growing, so you never know when you'll find better opportunities out there to develop your tutoring skills even better and providing you with benefits that will enhance your career. If you're wondering whether you should let go of the company you're working with, here are instances where you should, and look for greener pastures elsewhere.

Work Overpowers Compensation

Whenever you feel that you're given too much work and the pay isn't enough for you, then either your standards have increased or, worse, you aren't getting paid enough. It's a fact that you can never be satisfied by certain rates when you hit the mark of being a seasoned tutor. It isn't that you thirst for more income, it's just plainly your services have become more expensive. You deserve that so if you feel the company isn't providing you with the right compensation you're looking for, then it's probably time for you to scout out better opportunities. Always realize that no two companies offer the same rate for tutoring services, and that tutoring always grows, so there's definitely another company that would meet your standards and skillset.

Short-lived interests

The issue could be a personal decision on your part where your interests have shifted to other modes of tutoring. If you continue working with the company when your interests have changed, you may find out that carrying out your tutorials can be quite challenging. Moreover, you may face greater difficulty in making the subject matter interesting if you've lost interest in it in the first place. Although it is important for tutors to maintain professionalism in everything that tutors do, but you should realize that passion is vital in order to ensure that tutorials are carried out without exerting much effort. When you feel that you've suddenly lost interest, take the initiative and let go of the company so that you can find one that fits your interest the most and ensure that you optimize your skills in the process.

When You Feel Your Integrity as a Tutor is Compromised

Sometimes, companies may fail to provide you with what you deserve due to internal issues or other problems that arise. You may be constricted in what you do as a tutor because of this. For instance, a tutoring company may tell you what materials you are allowed to use, and this is valid for copyright issues. However, this may impede how maximized you can utilize the various references for conducting your lesson. Moreover, if you feel that a company has been treating you worse than others, you may reconsider continued service in that company and look for others that you deserve.

Tutoring companies are great to stabilize your career with, but make sure you get the right compensation and treatment that you, as a tutor, deserve. So if you think that the company doesn't fit in with your personal goals, then it's time to let them go. After all, you could definitely find another one or even start your own.
Have you ever been in a situation where you felt your integrity was compromised?  What did you do?

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