Wednesday, June 13, 2012

10 Ways to Use Social Media for Your Tutoring Business

Social media has probably reached the point where it is an important part of everyone's life. Why not use this advantage to enhance your tutoring business at hand? In fact, almost everything is accessible at a click or tap away, so listen up and here are 10 tips to use social media for your tutoring business.

1. Engage in marketing

Social media is very useful in marketing your tutoring business, especially through Facebook or Twitter. This can give you more opportunities for customers and even enhance your tutoring business's branding.

2. Consult with clients easily

Since access to social media is readily available, you can consult with clients, adding another service to your tutoring business. This kind of flexibility will keep your clients satisfied because of the attention you give them.

3. Share notes

Social media nowadays lets you upload files for others to view, so why not take advantage of that and share important notes for your clients. This accessibility will allow students to tap into your services in the near future.

4. Communicate with other tutors

In the tutoring industry, maintaining a strong connection with others will keep you updated on what trends work and what innovative strategies will uplift your business. Social media makes this so much easier where you can follow tutors and they can follow you through Twitter and you can share ideas!

5. Open more lines of communication

Sure, you have a phone number and an e-mail address to contact clients, but social media connections make things a whole lot easier. The added lines of communication allows your clients to send you a quick message in the medium they are comfortable with. Since some people are comfortable through social media communication, the added connection increases the chances of you getting more clients.

6. Learn about student behavior

Social media networks are flocked with students, especially some who rant about a subject or their academic performance. Take the chance and research on student behavior to create promotions to answer these problems faced by students. Not only do you develop your business services, but also, you answer the students' immediate needs.

7. Create Tutoring Conferences

Gather fellow tutors and plan an event through social media networks, so that you can all share your latest development in the tutoring industry. This will allow you to get to know more about tutoring styles for your business.

8. Promote a Service

Use the easy-to-access functionality of social media sites to promote your new service. It catches on quite quickly because people will share them and consider you, especially when they are in need of tutoring.

9. Research

Other than student behavior examination, you can research on how tutoring has improved academic performance and what fields need more focus by tutors. Dedicating a team to research through social media can give you better grounds for decision-making and project proposals.

10. Become an Authority

Because of your widespread contribution to social media, you will gain respect among people as an authority in your field. This gives you huge plus points when marketing your services, because there's always a great chance clients have heard of you somewhere.

Social media is a vast world, indeed. Although these tips can help you develop the arsenal you need to enhance your tutoring business, always maintain that steadfast discipline and patience for results to flow in.

How do you use social media for your tutoring business?

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