Thursday, June 7, 2012

5 Things that Must go on the "Flyer”

Flyers are effective marketing tools that you can distribute for people to know more about your tutorial business. It is important in advertising that you include 5 important things in order to grab the attention of people. Without them, your flyer will be dull, with people not even bothering to take a further look at what you have to offer.

Tutorial Business Name

Naturally, your flyer must contain your business name, and if possible, your name. This gives your flyer the identity it needs to be different from others. In thinking of a business name, make sure it is relevant and easy to remember so that people can easily identify your business.

Services You Offer

After your business name, summarize the most important services you offer. Preferably, arrange them in terms of demand. You may or may not include a price tag, but if you do, make sure to emphasize its value.

Credentials and Testimonials

Another added bonus to your flyer, if you have certification logos, put them there. Your credibility is very important, and people usually look for that first. Furthermore, if you have really satisfied clients, then add a few testimonials. Future clients enjoy the feeling that others have successfully received what they wanted through the tutorial service provided.

Appealing Design

Use attractive colors in the design. Play around with color combinations to get the right colors. Never go with Neon or any eye hurting colors because they can really hurt your advertising results. Be wise in color selection, as it can make or break your flyer.

Contact Details

Lastly, always keep your contact details clear! Include email, numbers, or whatever means of contact in order to give people the option of contacting in the most convenient way they see fit.
These five things make your flyer attractive and appealing, and at the same time, functional as an important marketing tool. Whenever you want to improve your business position through effective marketing tactics, always direct the people’s attention to the details that matter and you will have a working marketing strategy that will captivate people and turn them into clients.

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