Wednesday, June 6, 2012

10 iPad Ideas to Use in Tutoring Sessions

The iPad has become a very useful tool in businesses, especially in handling e-mail and other important updates. This is not surprising that the iPad, too, can be used for your tutoring. This very handy device can help you in your tutoring sessions so that you can easily convey the subject material to your students through a very flexible visual aid. Here are 10 great ideas you can use your iPad with in tutoring.

1. Using Evernote to Make Dynamic Notes

This popular app is very useful for jotting down notes, either as pictures or text. Evernote is also useful for sharing to students what you found out regarding a topic, and the ease of access makes the note taking a whole lot easier. Moreover, you can distribute the files to your students as class notes to help them study.

2. Mathematical Formulas

Generally, any app would work too, but the convenience of having a collection of formulas to help you teach math with ease. Having it as an app is so much easier than shuffling through pages as it will save time and provide you with the right information you need in no time.

3. Keynote for Dynamic Presentation

Keynote is an app that allows you to create PowerPoint-style presentations. You can hook it up to external displays to easily share to your student information you created. This is more convenient than bringing with you a laptop where you have to continuously go back and forth to change slides. With an iPad, it becomes just smooth tapping.

4. Information Accessibility

Once hooked up to WiFi or a 3G connection, your iPad will act as the perfect hub for information whenever you need it. This is very helpful if you want to verify something or you want to add a little more background to your lesson.

5. Video and Audio Convenience

If you want to show a documentary to your student, the iPad makes the perfect screen that combines detail and quality sound feedback. The screen accommodates that video experience that you can carry around with you at all times.

6. World Book - This Day in History

This app is very useful for sharing some trivia on what happened during that specific day when you're tutoring. As a nice way to break the ice between breaks, this iPad app will truly interest your student.

7. Store Reading Material

In teaching a literature class, having your material on your iPad keeps things lightweight. You don't have to carry huge books, especially when you're on a tight schedule. The material can be readily be found in your iBooks or Kindle app.

8. CutieBounce for Physics Learning

How much fun can Physics be with an app that lets your students learn the fundamental concepts? This app is useful in explaining how gravity works by letting students enjoy the bouncing action and response to tilting the iPad around.

9. Recording Ideas
Probably one of the features of an iPad is that you can record conversations and as a result, ideas. If your student wants to, you can compile the lectures you conducted and even the ideas he or she shared for later listening when reviewing. This builds up effective retention because your student listens to the lecture again.

10. Whiteboard

Your iPad can be used as a medium to explain lessons actively. You can either use a stylus or your fingers to illustrate examples using whiteboard-type applications. The best thing is: you don't have to worry about your ink finishing because everything is digital, unlike a traditional whiteboard!

Your iPad really is a great way to convey your tutoring sessions with an even more dynamic touch to it all. Keep these 10 tips in mind to ensure that your tutorial will turn out even more captivating for the student.

If you use an iPad in your tutoring sessions, how do you use it?

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