Thursday, June 28, 2012

Message from Alise—My Secret Revealed

Happy Thursday! It’s been a long time since I left a message, but it is with good reason.
Before I share my secret with you, I must give all the Glory to God. I think the bible says it best, “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”-Philippians 4:13. I agree with this verse wholeheartedly because it was many of nights that I could not sleep because I was lead to write this book series for you…sometimes in the wee hours of the night.
Now, I will reveal my secret.
I’ve been working on a secret project since September 2011. It’s been quite a challenge for me to keep this project under wraps while working out a few details. If I would have shared this information sooner, then you probably would have thought that I was just scatter-brained.
What’s the secret? I have written a book series for tutor business owners who need help building their global learning organization, hiring tutors and contractors for their business, and protecting their tutoring business.
 I know you are probably wondering why now Alise and what is this book series about. Don’t worry…I have all of that information covered for you and will answer those questions right now.
Why now? This book series was written because it is really needed in the tutoring industry. All of my books provide you with data-driven information and actual tutoring practice experiences to make immediate decisions regarding how to start, expand, or lead your tutor business.
 I am very passionate about education, especially tutoring. I do believe that tutoring has a genuine place to help students work on their individual learning needs.
I have decided to release the blueprint for hiring tutors and contractors book first because tutor business owners need that information now. So, if you know of any tutor business owners, please let them know about this book.

What is this book about?

Below is the book description for Expanding Your Tutoring Business: The Blueprint for Hiring Tutors and Contractors for Your Learning Organization

You may be at a point in which you need to hire tutors and additional help to manage the growth of your learning organization. Tutor business owners need a blueprint to help hire the right individuals that will truly impact their clients' lives by providing and delivering data-driven results. 

In the Dr. Holland-Johnson's Expanding Your Tutoring Business: The Blueprint for Hiring Tutors and Contractors for Your Learning Organization, Tutor Consultant, Dr. Holland-Johnson delivers her field-tested advice so that you can:

* Devise a hiring system to hire quality tutors and contractors;

* Create and implement a New Employee Orientation and Performance Review for Tutors;

* Develop work agreements, including non-compete and confidentiality agreements;

* Acquire know-how for conducting interviews, selecting and managing contractors, and dozens of other strategies you will need to hire qualified individuals for your learning organization.

Take a data-driven approach to hiring tutors and contractors for your learning organization. By using the advice and proven methods in this book, you'll discover a sense of accomplishment knowing that you have hired the best qualified individuals to join your mission of helping others around the globe.

How can I get a copy of this book series?

You can buy it from However, only one book in the series is available—it’s the book on hiring tutors and contractors for your learning organization.

There are copies available by clicking Buy My Copy Now!

Autographed copies will be available for purchase in July and will definitely send you a message to let you know how to purchase your copy. You can keep checking the following link: Buy My Autographed Copy Now!

Stay tuned to learn about the rest of the books in the series when they become available.
As always, happy tutoring!

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