Wednesday, June 15, 2011

5 Must Know Educational Theories to Help with Tutoring

Educational theories shape your tutoring session by providing you with the background concepts necessary to administer the right lecture. With taking into consideration the educational theories that will enhance the tutoring scheme, it is important to determine which 5 important educational theories you should keep in mind at all times. Educational theories that are found in the following areas are beneficial as a tutor. 

Curriculum Theory

This theory focuses on the structural aspect of the tutor and student relationship. It involves the reference details and the capacity of the student by indicating what needs to be learned by the student. This theory enhances the interaction between the tutor and student in verifying the material needed to be learned during the tutorial session.

Instructional Theory
This theory addresses the means of instruction in the given setting. It involves teaching methods and particular approaches that will ultimately develop the student’s understanding in the most effective way

Nature of Learner and of Learning

By cultivating the learning means of the student and the material at hand, this educational theory develops the insightful aspect of determining how to effectively convey the given material. Similar to educational psychology, this particular theory represents how tutors should understand their students in order to teach them properly within the students’ capacity range.

Organizational and Leadership Theory

This develops a hierarchical order of the tutor having ascendancy over the student. By that virtue, the tutor has the obligation to lead the student appropriately, with correct intention, and proper knowledge imparted.

Sociology of Education

By understanding the social factors in the educational theory presented, the tutor can learn to adapt to the attitudes of the student in order to effectively handle tutorial sessions. This, as a result, will provide the tutor the leverage of a successful tutorial lecture without any misunderstanding.

Educational theories are important in the development of a tutor in his or her discussion of the topic at hand. By focusing on the social and cultural dynamics of educational theories, a tutorial session can easily be handled quite conveniently as the tutor is more aware of how the session is functioning from a critical analysis taken place via understanding the development of the educational theories involved.

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