Thursday, June 2, 2011

Filing 101: What goes in a Client's Folder?

Proper file management is important for any tutorial business, especially in dealing with information of clients. It is both professional and convenient for tutors to organize their clients’ files so that it will be easier to retrieve them when necessary, especially when looking for a particular piece of information. What exactly does in a client’s folder? This will outline the important data that must be present in a client’s folder.

Educational Proficiency

This is important in gauging the current capacity of your student. This involves any aptitude tests, grades, or documents that become a basis for the tutor in handling the tutorial sessions. This also outlines how a tutor can develop his or her tutorial session within the client’s capacity.

Service Details

Depending on your business, you can have service details based on package or topic matter. This includes payment details and financial liabilities involved. Any contracts or important documents should be filed under this portion for easy location when necessary. The legality of your tutoring service shall encompass this portion of the client’s folder, containing necessary files in case of any dispute.


It is important to adopt a timeline that outline how many sessions a week have already passed. This will help you gauge your frequency for that client and also tabulate the hours or sessions spent for payment recording purposes.

Progress Report

This is one of the important documents for the client’s folder mainly because it illustrates how far the client has progressed during the tutorial sessions. It is recommended that you give tests to evaluate the performance of your client. You can monitor his or her progress in order to recommend further tutoring or any other option your client may take toward the end of the session agreement.

In handling your documents wisely, you can surely find the information you need when handling your clients’ data. After all, being organized is critical in timeliness and effective file management. Pay attention to the data that must be present in your client’s folder if you want to ensure the smooth service of your tutoring business at hand.

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