Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Why Are Educational Theories Important in Tutoring?

As a tutor, you will be lecturing students on topics that they need help in. In order to do so effectively, educational theories are guidelines in understanding the interaction between tutors (educators) and students. Thus, it is highly important for tutors to engage in educational theories to understand their students better and implement teaching strategies to improve the tutorial session.

Understanding Student Capacity
Using the nature of learner and of learning theory, you can understand the capacity of your students to learn a given topic at hand. Moreover, you can structure your lesson based on this factor, so that the tutorial session will go smoothly. You should understand the capabilities of your student in order to teach effectively.

Modifying the Tutoring Strategy
Implementing the instructional theory can motivate you to tweak your tutoring strategy as you see fit. What must be learned during that particular tutorial session? This will allow you to effectively shape a tutoring strategy using the right media tools and other instructional aspects. The development of your student’s learning is based on how you handle the instruction, so make sure you do so by focusing on the strategic aspect of tutoring.

Implementing Interactive Learning
The highlights of educational theories are their importance in interactive learning. By understanding the situation and the subject matter, along with resources you will need, educational theories captivate these elements and create an educational setting that you can effectively tutor in.

Educational theories help your emphasize certain elements of the tutorial session, which include the subject matter, the approach, and the capacity of the student in learning. With this guidance at hand, the importance of educational theories becomes evident in tutoring, especially as it shapes your tutorial session with the concepts and practices in mind.

The facets of a tutorial session need the support of educational theories, mainly due to the conceptual framework they provide. They help you determine the kind of tutoring approach you should use and how to captivate your student effectively. In this manner, understanding the manner of interaction between you and your student can ultimately present a successful tutorial session.

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