Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Developing a Brochure for Your Tutoring Business

Getting your business out there involves marketing tactics that you can employ. Making a brochure is one of the strongest points of marketing that can convert interested individuals into clients you can tutor. In developing a brochure, you should know what information to put and other technical aspects. If you need to create the most appealing brochure, you need to consider these factors.

Technical Specifications

Brochures usually come in three sizes: letter, legal, and tabloid. For your tutoring business, it is advisable that you get a half-fold brochure, otherwise known as a book-fold, with the specifications of 5.25" x 8.5". This is mainly for the reason that being compact is important when you're on the go, especially since you have to move around to get to your clients. For promotional purposes, you can have larger brochures (8.5" x 11") that you can place in schools and other establishments where students frequent.

What Information to Put

Make sure to include your business name, your name, contact details, and service details. Depending on the number of pages, you should be clear and direct on what services you offer. Always keep your contact details clear so that people can contact you easily. Some businesses do not explicitly mention payment information. The safest thing to do is to present payment information for discounted services, because, remember, promotions always attracts people.

Where to Have it Published

Search your local directory for printers that take in publishing jobs. You should expect to print a lot of brochures, so make sure you set aside a budget dedicated to this. It is important that you consider the quality of paper and the design elements because you wouldn’t want people not taking interest in your brochures, now would you?

A brochure for your tutoring business is a step to providing prospective individuals with the services you have. You can leave some at your client’s home in case a friend drops by and wants a tutor. Furthermore, you can endorse schools with your brochure in order to garner that extra input of clients. Make sure you properly develop your brochure to receive the success that your business deserves.

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