Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hiring 112: What Legal Documents Should You Ask Tutors To Provide Before Hiring Them

You can’t just hire anyone who says that he or she can tutor. It is important to take preventive measures in order to secure the employment status and your business’s protection. It is important that in doing so, you request for legal documents from the tutors in order to provide evidence that they have credibility and are authorized to work for you.

Are You Looking for Employees or Independent Contractors?

Make sure you differentiate this because the legal documents needed for employees are more than for independent contractors. It is imperative that you determine what kind of tutor that will work for you, especially in line with the obligation the tutor has for you. Employees tend to require more documents because you will be taking them in with you being the employer. For independent contractors, the work they are doing for you will be somewhat similar to just providing services without any control over hours they should work and other factors.

Legal Documents to Provide

Employment Agreement

This covers employer and employee contracts with job description, duties, title, pay details, vacation pay, and insurance data for the tutor.

Independent Contractor Agreement

This is for independent contractors who won't work with you full time. The following document will provide the necessary information needed for the individual to maintain his or her position as such.

Employment Nondisclosure Agreement

This is needed by both employees and independent contractors. This document ensures that information used by the tutor will not be disclosed to anyone, especially after the tutor has been terminated.

Employment Rules of Conduct

This document sets the rules for the service, which maintains effective duty and other factors in the business. This document also states the mutual agreement terms that will keep business relations between the tutor and the employer at a fair standpoint, where each of the involved party’s rights are upheld throughout the service duration.

In order to prevent any legal issues to occur, privacy compromise, and other factors that may damage you or your business, you should request the legal documents for the safety of both parties to handle the tutoring business effectively.

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