Thursday, May 12, 2011

10 iPad Applications to Use In Your Tutoring Business

In your tutoring business, you will surely need access to the best material that will keep your files managed and your schedule updated. Having an iPad can ease your life as its portability allows you to keep in touch with your clients and your data on the go. Here are 10 iPad applications that can facilitate the success of your tutoring business.
This file management program allows you to access your tutoring files while you’re on the go. You no longer have to carry on heavy laptops if you have access to your Dropbox from the convenience of your iPad.
Desktop Connect
Probably one of the most convenient applications you can find, and with a high price at that, Desktop Connect allows you to remote link to your PC in order to view files, edit them, and do as you please. You can have a mobile office that way so you can meet deadlines and do whatever is necessary to secure your tutoring business.
Dictionary & Thesaurus
For those emergency word lookups, a handy dictionary can save you the time it needs to explain a certain definition. You can also supplement your tutoring session with a word of the day to help enrich your student’s vocabulary.
Pages is a word processing application that can allow you to type up your lecture notes quite conveniently. Pages is highly recommended if you need a document typed up while you're on the go.
For statistical data and other important information that you need for graphs, Numbers is an ideal application that allows you to create vivid graphs for your tutoring business. This is effective if you want to record sales and other important data.
For clients and for business meetings alike, having a handy presentation device can really ease the hassle of setting up the right equipment. Keynote effectively allows you to create presentations that you can use in marketing your business to prospective clients as well as for your students while you’re lecturing them.
This to-do manager allows you to keep up to date with all the appointments you have, knowing how busy tutoring can become! With Things, you won’t have to miss a deadline or an important business meeting anymore.
Instapaper Pro
The tutoring business is continually growing, and with this application, you can read web articles on the latest development right from the convenience of your iPad. When it comes to your business, keeping updated with the latest trends should be your top priority.
Time Master
With a projects-based interface, this iPad app allows you to schedule clients and track how much time you spend on providing tutoring services for them. This will help you stay organized while you’re on the go!
If you need your files printed on the go, with the wireless access to Wi-Fi enabled printers, this application does the job just for you. Also, you can take advantage of file management opportunities present along with your iPad acting as a portable hard drive Wi-Fi mounted.

A tutoring business can be a challenge to maintain, especially if you need to be in places at any given point of time. Don’t sacrifice your file management and get these ten iPad apps to keep you busy while traveling.

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