Thursday, May 19, 2011

10 Learning iPad Apps for Your Tutoring Clients

In handling tutoring sessions effectively, your iPad is an important learning tool that you can use with your tutoring clients. These 10 learning iPad applications will surely provide your client with the convenience of supplementing their learning quite effectively. It’s time to get out of the books and engage in interactive learning for your tutoring sessions!
  1. Guinness World Records
The popular annual record of human achievements is great in learning about the extraordinary talent of people. With this, you can check out range of facts that pertain to any field of study, such as geography, science, math, and many more.
  1. Today in History (iPad Edition)
For history classes, you can supplement the lessons that are learned by sharing a fun fact of the events that transpired during the day of the tutorial session. This allows your tutoring client to learn something new than the book they’ve been focusing on.
  1. The Elements
For science classes, this application allows you to view a comprehensive list of the elements. More than that, you can check out the composition of objects in the universe, shown in a very dynamic way for your tutoring clients to be amazed with.
  1. ABC Animals
For kids, this application teaches the alphabets and phonics using illustrations that will make the learning process really fun.
A popular reference for your students, this dictionary (packaged with a thesaurus) allows you to search up any word for extra knowledge. Also, a neat feature is the word of the day that allows your student to learn something new every time.
  1. The Math Master
For math subjects, there are plenty drills, facts, and other features that will enhance the learning process of this challenging field of study.
  1. Free Books
Very useful for literature sessions, this application is useful for having access to over 23,000 classical books. You can check out Shakespeare or Tom Sawyer which are popular references in tutoring sessions.
  1. Star Walk
You can view the night sky from a new perspective with this application, especially with constellations, planets, and stars to learn about in a fun way.
  1. Grammar Up
Teach your students correct grammar by allowing them to learn nouns, verbs, adverbs, infinitives, adjectives, gerunds, conjunctions, and other grammar basics.
  1. Mathematical Formulas
As a great reference for math subjects ranging from Algebra all the way to Differential Equations, you can use this tool in teaching your students the fundamentals of solving equations and other math problems.
With these applications in mind, your tutoring clients can enjoy interactive learning right from the convenience of your iPad, especially when you utilize these to their highest potential. With the iPad being an effective learning tool, you can engage in effective learning strategies with your tutoring clients.

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