Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hiring 107: Why You Should Have Prospective Tutors Do A Sample Tutoring Session and What to Look for in the Sample Tutoring Session

Before hiring a tutor, make sure you know how that tutor performs in his or her teaching methods. This will help you qualify if he or she meets your requirements. In this way, a sample tutoring session is important. Why is this important and what should you look for in that sample tutoring session?

Why You Should Ask for a Sample Tutoring Session

Just because you heard many reviews of a tutor, it doesn’t mean that you may be as satisfied as others are. A sample tutoring session will allow you to evaluate the tutor’s approach to the topic as well as his or her attitude before you completely hire him or her. Knowing who the person you’re hiring and how effective he or she is in his or her job can save you hours and money of bad investments in hiring the wrong tutor. This is an important precautionary measure so you can get to know the tutor better before he or she gets the job.

What to Look for in that Session

When you evaluate a tutor’s performance, always look for how well he or she handles the material and responds to your questions. These two main characteristics define an effective tutor. He or she should know a lot about the topic in question so that the student learns effectively through his or her teaching methods. Moreover, smart response to questions will provide you the leverage of a spontaneous and knowledgeable tutor who knows the material well enough to answer questions regarding it.

When hiring a tutor, always ask for a sample tutoring session. This will help you gauge how effective he or she is in handling tutorial sessions, especially if you’re looking for one that knows the material at hand. This will save you the time and money in handling the tutor if he or she fails to meet your standards. Preventive measures help you out in determining which tutor is effective for the task, so make sure to get the most out of this sample tutorial session.

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