Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hiring 110: Should I give my tutors a non-compete contract?

Maintaining a tutoring business invites an avenue of policies and other sensitive information. If you wish to expand your tutoring business and hire other tutors to help you out, it is important to maintain the integrity of this information by implementing protective measures. A non-compete agreement, usually found as part of a contract, is necessary to instill these measures taken for the security of your tutoring business.

Non-compete Contract
A non-compete contract, usually part of the basic contract for employees, is administered to prevent direct competition of employees of the termination from their position in a company. This is a preventive measure that will retain the originality of the business practice.

Client Information Protected
Once termination of the tutor occurs, you may face the issue of direct competition, especially for the top clients you have in your tutoring business. With a non-compete contract, the tutor has no right to use detail that would make him or her a direct competitor of your business for a given amount of time. This will surely protect your client information during that time frame specified.

Tutoring Business Information Protected
Since the tutor would know how your business works, he or she is forbidden from using the same tactic in handling his or her business, because that will violate the contract. This saves you from any plagiarized techniques and marketing tactics, retaining the integrity of your tutoring business.

Fair Treatment
The non-compete contract allows your tutors to engage in proper treatment of business affairs. That is, information of the company remains in the company for as long as the tutor is employed. This fairness in handling the employees allow them to be more secure in that the non-compete contract prevents future lawsuits based on copied ideas and technicalities that will be in direct competition with your tutoring business.

Preserving the company integrity is the key factor in the non-compete contract, especially when it comes to sensitive data in the company. With the proper functionality of the non-compete contract, your tutoring business and your tutors will be able to function smoothly, especially with the amenities present in the non-compete contract.

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