Tuesday, May 3, 2011

10 Ways An iPad Can Help My Tutoring Business

Being one of the highly advanced tablets in the market today, Apple’s iPad is very convenient in accessing data and is an effective tool for tutoring that any tutor can use to supplement both the tutorial session and the management scheme. Here are 10 ways your iPad can help you in your tutoring business.

Tutoring Sessions

1. Resource Hub – The iPad has access to the internet, where you can use to search up information or relay teaching material to your students. The convenience of such makes iPad an effective resource hub for your tutorial sessions.

2. Video Presentation – You can use your iPad to show videos, especially for science related subjects that require a visual representation when engaging in the topic material.

3. Lecture Presentation – You can conveniently store your lecture notes in your iPad for easy access while you’re giving the instruction. This will save you a lot of money on physical books and other amenities that you may bring around. It will also increase your mobility, especially if you have to move from one place to another during the day.

4. Evaluation Modules – Since your iPad can store files, you can have your student evaluated by letting him or her answer a few questions you have, which helps you understand the flow of the lecture better.

5. Interactive Learning – Your iPad can download many applications that supplement your teaching. From many fields like science or math, apps are available for your student to enjoy while learning at the same time.

Tutor Business Management

6. Accounting Applications – Search around and you can check out accounting applications that can help you manage your business finances, such as Roambi and WebEx.

7. Connectivity – With connectivity options available for your iPad, you can communicate effectively with your clients while you’re on the go (3G connection will help you out in non-WiFi areas)

8. Syncing of Files – iPad has many applications that deal with file synchronization such as DropBox, that can help you manage your files while on the go.

9. Calendar Applications – With the user friendly interface, you can input tutorial appointments conveniently on your iPad. There is a default calendar application available, but you can also download other apps as well.

10. Contacts Information – Your iPad can store contact information that you can take advantage of while on the go. As your very own personal digital notebook, you can secure business meetings and other data.

The many advantages of your iPad can really help you out in your business, all the way from tutorial sessions to managing your business. With this in mind, you can always ensure productivity and effective progress for your business with your very own iPad.

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