Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to Draft a Letter to Teachers: Seeking Tutor Partnerships

If you’re looking for more students to tutor, you can check your local school, or an online school to advertise your tutoring service. This is especially useful for securing more work over any holidays such as Christmas or summer. Drafting a letter to teachers can help you secure tutor partnerships that will provide you more income and help their students in future classes. Here’s what you need to know when drafting a letter to teachers.

Introduce Yourself

Make sure you indicate who you are and if possible, the name of your company. This will give you the credibility once you send in the letter to the teachers. As a tutor, it is helpful to attach some information regarding your education and your capability to teach the subject you proper the partnership for.

Specify Your Content

Get to your point as soon as possible and keep the main focus on establishing tutor partnerships with the teacher. Explain how you can help the students in maintaining their grades and prepare them for the next semester’s classes. Make sure to mention the specific student needs that you will cover. Mention a specific subject you want to help out in so that teachers will be able to recommend students to you. This will help you narrow down students that need the tutoring most.

Open for Further Communication

Close your letter by stating how you can communicate with the teacher for further information regarding the tutorial partnership. State that, although the teacher may not consider your offer this semester, you are open to future opportunities. With this in mind, you can ensure the longevity of your letter.

When drafting a letter to teachers, you can provide aid to students through the teachers of the school. With tutor partnerships, students can come to you for service during summer of Christmas, which means great business for you and effective development for them. Make sure that you introduce yourself and show credentials, focus your content, and make yourself available for further communication should you wish to develop your business further in the local market, which can help you expand your business.

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