Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 Most Common Summer Camps--Why You Should Get Creative?

Summer Camp is a supervised program for school goers organized in the months of summer when they have summer vacation from school. This is the time where they can learn something extra from school curriculum. The area of this extra growth is generally decided by the child according to interest or by the parents to generate interest. There are many types of summer camps available in the market these days. Some common ones are:

1.       Academic Summer Camps: This type of summer camp as the name suggests deals with the Academics of a child. It is not only meant for the children who are weak at school studies and get a chance to improve in vacation time but these camps can also be opted to get an upper edge. These include courses like mental mathematics, handwriting improvement etc.

2.      Arts and Crafts Summer Camps: Arts and Craft are referred to the creativity of the child. This type of summer camps is the most common among the children.

3.      Performing Arts Summer Camps: Performing Arts Summer Camps are the ones which can be followed regularly as a hobby for years. This includes Music, Theatre, Dance and other such activities.

4.      Sports Summer Camps:  This type of summer camps are meant for physical activity. These may create exposure to various sports opted for and may generate lifelong interests also. It is very important for a healthy lifestyle.

5.      Adventure Summer Camps: Adventure Summer Camps are very exciting and have a very important role to play. They have a very good effect on the attitude and bring the child close to nature. Some common ones are fishing, scuba diving, mountaineering etc.

6.      Community Service Camps: These camps are meant for bringing the children closer to the reality. These camps generally organize events where children go out and help the needy people by different means or sometimes even educate them on some important topics.

7.      Religious Summer Camps: Religious Summer Camps are related to different religions. If the child requires gaining knowledge about the religion this is the best time for it.

8.     Special Needs Summer Camps: these Summer Camps are meant for those who want to work on building their academic, social, and behavioral skills. These camps are great opportunities to network and help children build their self-esteem and self-efficacy.

9.      Tour and Travel Summer Camps: These types of Summer Camps are not for very small kids. This lets the child explore the world and know what is happening around. There are special organizers of such trips for different ages.

10.  Family Summer Camps:  There are some Summer Camps where the whole family stays. These are mostly residential camps.

Depending upon the requirement we can choose between the day and residential Summer Camps. Most of the above mentioned camps can be found as day camps as well as residential camps. If you are thinking about building your tutoring business, then you must get creative.

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