Monday, August 15, 2011

Tutor Management 104: Materials and Supply Budget for your Tutoring Business

 With growing peer pressure and the need to compete and succeed in today's competitive world, parents and students feel the need and requirement for individualized  and personalized learning. This is where tutors come into the picture. Anybody who possess required qualification and expertise in a subject matter and has the zeal to teach can start a tutoring business.

 Starting a tutoring business is quiet simple as it is more of word of  mouth business. Once  you have decided the area of your expertise, the age group ( elementary, middle grade, high school or college) of students you want to teach, a programme or curriculum you want to follow, the fees to be charged and a suitable location for your business who are ready to go!!  You also need to advertise your services either through an internet web page or through pamphlets put up at suitable places like the community center, outside schools, park area e.t.c.

You can start off a tutoring business at a very low cost. The materials required for starting a tutoring business is your own subject matter expertise, books, materials and one or two qualified teachers to take your business forward. Most of the time teachers can do with books brought by students, but it always helps to have your own set of books. The next material required will be sample or ready made answers for each lesson in printed format. By doing this you save on time, you need not waste time dictating answers but you can spend the time discussing the lesson. You can obviously charge for this added service. To excel and set yourself apart from other tutoring business you need to constantly upgrade yourself. Join a library for improving your reference works. Make new set of learning modules for students from time to time. For all this you need to have proper stationary at your disposal. A white board and interactive learning set up using new age technology will give that extra edge to your business.

Starting a tutoring business will need some investment upfront, but once you are set and doing good you will cover these initial cost incurred. If your set up is at home than expense will be only on furniture and  materials and cost incurred will be less than $1000*. However , if you are starting it as a tutoring business, you will need to rent space and employ staff which would initially cost you around $15,000- $25,000 approx*. Apart from this cost incurred will be on material and advertising. Your budget will be purely based on how big you want to start off. It is advisable to always start on a small scale with less cost and expand as your tutoring business gains prominence.

{* statistics taken from Home Business Center Inc. }

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