Wednesday, August 3, 2011

10 Resources to Help You Get Started with Private Schools

In United States Private schools are the schools which are not facilitated or funded by the government. This means they are not regulated by the government. They have exemption from the education rules of the government. Or in other words they do not have to follow any rules and regulation made by the government, be it related t education or facilities to the students. These schools have to set their standards in all the fields. Thus when we think of starting a private school we need certain resources ready with us:

·       Mission Statement: The first and the foremost is the mission statement for the  new school. What will be the aim of the school?  This will guideline for all the following decisions related to each and every aspect.

·  Financial Aids: Finance is the most important part of any profitable or non   profitable business. To start a new school we need a lot of basic investment. For this e need a reliable investor for first few years. After that when the school is once set, it may be able to finance itself.

·     Government Rules: Although private schools are not bounded by government rule and regulation for educational standards but there are policies of government regarding incorporation, building and running of private schools. These should be studied in detail before starting a new private school.

·        Location: Location of a school is one very important factor in success of school in long run. While deciding upon this the two factors to be kept in mind are surroundings and cost of the location. It should be reachable by the target group as well as the cost should suit the budget. 

·        Scale of school: Depending on the market, location and finance available it should be the decided how big or small will the new private school be.

·    Marketing strategy: Depending upon the location and competition the marketing strategy for the new school should be decided before in hand to make it most effective.

·      Educational Standards: Educational Standards should also be ready in hand so as to decide the marketing strategy and to show a clear picture to the interested students and their parents.

·       Facility Studies: A detailed study of all the facilities like water, electricity, furniture and other important supplies should be done well in advance to avoid the last minute haste.

·      Budgeting: Keeping in view all the above factors a proper budget is to be decided in advance so as to avoid losses.

·    Supporting people: with a good group of people like the trusties, employees and other interested people only a successful private school can be started. Without a strong support all the other resources are useless.

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