Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Top 21 Upcoming Tutor Conferences Held in 2012 Around The Globe

Professional tutoring services gather tutors from all around the globe  and  discusses on effective handling of tutorial sessions and other endeavors and helps them in upgrading their skills  for making their business a successful venture and providing the client with the best services available. Sharing of ideas help you to cultivate your business knowledge and helps the tutoring community to enhance its business in the services market.

Here is a list of 21 Tutor Conferences that will be held in 2012 around the globe. They are the following:

·Association of the Tutoring Profession ( the Association of the Tutoring Profession is a fast-growing learning organization that is dedicated to helping tutors network, providing tutor certifications, and enriching their tutoring experiences with scholarly research and best practices. Tutors are also encouraged to submit proposals to share what is working in their professional setting. Their next conference will be in Seattle, Washington in March 2012.

·National Tutoring Association ( : the National Tutoring Association is the oldest and the largest  association dedicated  solely to the advancement of tutors by providing certification to tutors, tutor trainers and tutorial programs . Concurrent session to be held in Jan 2012.

·Tutor /Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference( it aims at improving the quality and quantity of tutor / mentor in areas of Chicago. The conference draws leaders , volunteers and stake holders from across 150 agencies for networking and information sharing. Conferences are held twice a year in the month of May and November. 

·COWLLC ( : the Chicago land Organization of writing, literacy and learning centers is a micro regional organization aimed at bringing  together professionals and tutors from across the Chicago land area. Aimed at bringing together tutors who can share their best practices,  team building exercises and  experiences.

·Tutor2u ( : conferences aimed at bringing tutors and business professionals from various fields for a joint collaboration and interchange of ideas and strategies.

·NCPTW (; tutors,  tutoring and the teaching of tutors is the agenda of the conferences of NCPTW held in Miami.

·NACADA( held in Liverpool ,UK , the aim of the conference is to explore ways in which tutoring, academic advising can contribute to improve students success in higher education.

·Virtual Round Table Conference (  a online conference dedicated to provide tutors with knowledge on language learning with technology.

·Global Education Conference ( a virtual conference aimed at globally connecting teachers to open up their classroom walls and connect their students to the world.

·Cambridge Teacher's Conference ( :aimed at bringing together the best professionals from tutoring field to hold workshops and discuss various aspects of teaching.

·Portland Literacy Council ( : brings educators and tutors from the states of Oregon and Washington  to exchange ideas, develop new teaching strategies and hone tutoring skills.

·EDULEARN11( : held in Barcelona , Spain. Aimed at discussing  the latest innovations and researches in the field of education.

·ESL Conference around the Globe (; held all across the globe from Cairo to New Zeal and aimed at enhancing the skill of English language teacher.

·Reading recovery council of North America ( "") : provides professional development opportunity for K-6 classroom teaching and reading recovery professionals.

·K-12 online conference ( ) : aimed at teaching tutors innovative technology and Web 2.0 tools

·Innovative educators ( ) : cross training tutors for economic and student success.

·Cabrini Green Tutoring Program , Chicago Lights ( ) : provides training opportunity for tutors from novice to veterans.

·CRLA, San Diego ( ) : provides tutors skills to be student oriented and develop tools and techniques for student success.

·WEA  Tutor  Conference , Nottingham (( : provides workshop for tutors.

·ULC Directors and Peer Tutor Conference  ( : deals in various aspects in concern to knowledge of tutoring.

·EARCOS, Thailand ( : enhancing and expanding knowledge, technique for tutoring services.

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