Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tutor Management 102: Determining the Organizational Structure and Values for Your Tutoring Business- Two pillars of a Tutoring business

For any business to succeed and maintain its presence in its specialty area, it should be well organized and run like smooth well oiled machinery. So having good organizational structure and values is very important. These are two of the ingredients for any successful revenue generating enterprise.

Every organization needs to have a proper chain of command and a tutoring business is no different. It is good to have all employees aware of this so that they know who to approach if they need help and for managers to know who all come under their jurisdiction. A clear, well defined chain of command and decision makers are necessary to make a proper organizational structure. If you are running a tutoring business, then you will be the main decision maker in the organizational structure.

Then depending on how big your organization is, you can have a Finance, HR, Sales and Marketing, Complaints departments etc. whose heads can report directly to you. Though the absolute decision will be yours, it will be a huge weight off your shoulders if heads of these departments are given authority to make decisions on your behalf. This will mean that, even if you are unavailable, decisions can be made. Have a clearly defined chart ready for all to see so that they know how to solve issues clearly and efficiently.

In a smaller organization, where there isn’t enough revenue generated for such a detailed structure, the head of the organization usually performs a variety of roles including finance, staffing, payroll etc and might only hire external bodies for marketing and such. But even in this organization, the staff and clients should know whom to approach in case of problems. 

In both big and small organizations, values are inculcated from the very top. So you set the precedent and waves will go down your organization. So make sure you have a definite set of values for your company and you do not compromise on them. These values are what attract customers and prospective employees to you and help you retain your current employees as well.

In terms of the tutoring business values should primarily be focused on the quality and no compromise on educational facilities and facilitators. Importance must also be laid on the attitude of the tutor and that if push comes to shove you will stand by your tutor if he is in the right. These values must be passed down and followed by your tutors and other employees as they are the face of your organization. Keep customer and employee satisfaction in mind and inculcate good values and you and your organization will flourish and grow.


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