Thursday, August 11, 2011

10 Reasons To Upgrade Your Tutor Skills

A tutor is the one who provides expertise, encouragement and the knowledge to smoothly guide a learner in overcoming their subject matter difficulties and gain confidence and knowledge on the subject. To keep pace with the constant changing educational environment and changes in the needs of the learner it is vital that a tutor keeps upgrading their tutor skills.

Here are 10 reasons to upgrade your tutor skills:

1.       In today's world when everything is available at the tip of your finger or rather the click of your mouse , the learner is exposed to a lot of information. A tutor needs to keep upgrading himself so that he has something more to share than what is freely available.

2.      It is important for a tutor to to upgrade himself so that there is an extension of knowledge across domains  (horizontal) and deepening of knowledge in individual domains ( vertical).

3.      A tutor has to upgrade his skills so that he is able to form linkages across various facets of knowledge to attract and retain the attention of young minds.

4.      In today's world education and the usage of technology in it or rather as a medium of it is interlinked and indispensable. A tutor to enhance his teaching skills should upgrade his knowledge of the usage of technology and tools like MS office to structure his teaching and make it more user friendly.

5.      Up gradation of core skills  like planning, organizing and developing teaching techniques will help the tutor to plan out the lesson properly and incorporate learning modules within the lessons best suited to meet the requirements of the learner.

6.      Since the time frame of delivering lessons is limited in a  tutor- learner set up , a proper set of skills will help the tutor in approaching the subject matter in such a way that the problem as well as the aspiration of the learner are met within the stipulated time frame.

7.      A tutor can upgrade his skills and knowledge of the subject by appearing for skill and knowledge based tests from time to time. This will help the tutor to tackle the subject in a confident manner.

8.     New set of skills help the tutor to bring in more variation in his teaching techniques and not just rely on traditional lecture method .

9.      By developing tutor skills a tutor is able to assess , adjust and adapt to the learning style of the learner and tackle his limitations and help him discover his strengths.
10.  Only a well aware, well prepared and skillful tutor in tune with the needs of today's educational curriculum can prepare the learner for the competitive environment around him.

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