Wednesday, August 24, 2011

10 Strategies to Attract Clients from Home school Support Groups

 Home schooling is very different from the traditional school set up. At home school, children are taught lessons at home either by their parents or special tutors. Tutoring students who go to school may in many ways be very different from tutoring a home school student.

For a school student a tutor might come into the picture if the student has to go from a ‘F’ to a ‘C’ or a B to an A, however in a home school scenario a tutors position is more of a full time teacher, where the entire curriculum rests in the hands of the tutor.  

Here are 10 strategies to attract clients from Home School Support Groups:

  1. Creating a web site for your services is always a good idea when you want to add to your already existent clientele. Websites are a great way to showcase your services, and it gives your customer the freedom of browsing through your website at their own convenience.

  1. Advertising your services via Brochures and flyers really helps ‘spread the word’ in the locality. Collaborate with local book stores, where you can display your brochures and flyers to attract potential customers.

  1. Advertising in local media is also a great way to promote and attract clients from Home school support groups. Promote your business via newspaper adverts, community magazines and even local TV stations.  

  1. Children who are home schooled rarely get facilities like a science labs, to perform experiments and carry out scientific demonstrations. Make your tutoring business more striking by offering a platform for student to perform basic scientific experiments to help them better understand the subject. This is a great way to attract and popularize your tutoring business amongst Home school support Groups.

  1. Recommendations are a great way to promote your business and let others know that your company provides quality services. Get testimonials from ex-students, known teachers and professors in the area- this will definitely add to the trust factor of your services.
  2. Advertising on Home school support sites is another great way to attracting home school clients. There are several sites that categorise Home school support groups according to state and area.

  1. Home school support groups hold monthly meetings which is a great platform for you to advertise and showcase your company. Not only do you get to interact with home school- parents but it is also a great way to increase your network and fish for recommended services which you may have overlooked.

  1. Offer services that have flexibility in term of timing and days. Provide options like online tutoring, home tutoring, group tutoring etc.

  1.  Offer a diverse study package that home school students can benefit from. For example studying different languages, advanced algebra and mathematics, specialised subjects like economics, advanced chemistry, biology or physics etc. which can help the student focus on their academic strengths.

  1. Collaborating with schools, colleges and educational centres also attracts several home school parents looking to keep their options opened.

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