Thursday, August 4, 2011

20 Model Charter Schools worth Studying

Charter Schools are the schools which are funded by public money as well as private donations. They have to meet the educational standards set by government but follow their own teaching methods. They are considered to be better than traditional public schools. 

There are a many good charter schools in United States of America which can be studied as role model for starting a new Charter School. Some of these are:

1.       The Arts and technology Academy public Charter school
2.      BASIS School, Inc.
3.      Community of Peace Academy
4.      KIPP Academy Houston
5.      Oglethorpe Charter School
6.      Ralph A. Gates Elementary School
7.      Roxbury Preparatory Charter School
8.     The School of Arts and Science
9.      Pacific Collegiate Charter
10.  Preuss School Ucsd
11.   Basis Tucson
12.  Animo Leadership High
13.  University High
14.  Yes College Preparatory School- South East
15.   Charter School of Wilmington
16.  Peak to Peak Charter School
17.   Northland Preparatory Academy
18.  Signature School Inc.
19.  Harmony Science Academy
20. Gulen Charter School

All these schools have proved themselves and are considered to be some of the best Charter Schools. When we study the upcoming of these schools we find many common factors which have led these schools to reach this level. Some of the main ones are:

·         A Good Start: Who starts a school, with what intension and with how much involvement decides the fate of a new school.  If the school gets a good start it is destined to be successful over the years. Most of the above mentioned schools have had a good start.

·         A good Mission: A well defined and powerful mission statement of the school can guide the school in positive direction at each and every level of decision making. This helps stand above the other competitive schools. All the above schools have clear missions stating the various aspects of the student needs it will cater to.

·         Innovative School Program: Every school needs to mark the difference to be successful. To be different it needs to be creative and keep trying new ideas to get better results. All the above mentioned schools have their own way of teaching which gets those good results.

·         Continues improvements: The innovation in various areas of school has to be continues. There is always a scope for improvisation as continues growth is very important to be alive in this competitive world.

     ·         Parent Support: No school can be successful without the parent support. All of the above mentioned factors can be applied successfully only if there is a supportive parent group. For this all the schools maintain a tight bond between the parents and the school. This benefits the school as well as the students.  

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